Collecting, Interpreting and Disseminating Real Estate Data

Real Estate Owned

REO (Real Estate Owned) is property that institutions are forced to hold when a loan that they either issued, purchased, or became legally responsible for was foreclosed on. Generally speaking, an increasing REO inventory indicates increasing foreclosure activity. The list of institutions here is far from complete and is meant to represent only the REO and foreclosure inventory trend for a metropolitan area, not the absolute REO or foreclosure inventory in a market. To accomodate additions and deletions of institutions, an inventory index is computed (the index was set to 100 on 4/6/2007). This inventory index — not the total inventory — should be used when inferring trends. More detail can be found by clicking on a city below.

Metro Area REO Inventory — Last Update: 08/08/2008

City, StateTotal
Albuquerque, New Mexico122335.7
Atlanta, Georgia5002225.2
Austin, Texas221184.2
Baltimore, Maryland272480.2
Bethesda, Maryland2231355.0
Boise City, Idaho1141791.4
Boston, Massachusetts227285.1
Cambridge, Massachusetts97166.9
Camden, New Jersey99249.8
Cape Coral, Florida4051524.7
Charlotte, North Carolina398205.9
Chicago, Illinois1518360.7
Cincinnati, Ohio647111.5
Cleveland, Ohio1089124.2
Columbus, Ohio48098.4
Dallas, Texas1322142.1
Denver, Colorado797102.4
Detroit, Michigan2874134.2
Edison, New Jersey84362.1
Essex County, Massachusetts107205.5
Fort Lauderdale, Florida5651695.5
Fort Worth, Texas642151.2
Gary, Indiana190169.9
Grand Rapids, Michigan397154.6
Greensboro, North Carolina177168.1
Greenville, South Carolina120125.0
Honolulu, Hawaii191900.0
Houston, Texas1322133.6
Indianapolis, Indiana790119.6
Jacksonville, Florida189325.9
Kansas City, Missouri798154.4
Lake County, Illinois127221.7
Las Vegas, Nevada1460453.0
Long Island, New York81239.8
Los Angeles, California1205729.6
Louisville, Kentucky239139.7
Memphis, Tennessee807170.2
Miami, Florida7061314.6
Milwaukee, Wisconsin129309.5
Minneapolis, Minnesota997295.6
Nashville, Tennessee319256.2
New Orleans, Louisiana128353.5
New York, New York212380.5
Newark, New Jersey205407.2
Oakland, California710707.5
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma193171.7
Omaha, Nebraska122125.1
Orange County, California259539.0
Orlando, Florida5841297.3
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania197164.8
Phoenix, Arizona23351149.4
Portland, Oregon1351076.9
Raleigh, North Carolina129207.8
Reno, Nevada125602.1
Richmond, Virginia171667.5
Riverside, California2340618.5
Rockingham County, New Hampshire102283.6
Sacramento, California781311.0
Salt Lake City, Utah522600.0
San Antonio, Texas321257.3
San Diego, California645282.7
San Francisco, California40527.8
San Jose, California1941205.0
Santa Cruz, California32533.3
Sarasota, Florida230830.6
Seattle, Washington941175.0
Spartanburg, South Carolina94156.5
St Louis, Missouri736181.5
Stockton, California454737.2
Tacoma, Washington921463.6
Tampa, Florida533560.5
Tucson, Arizona176589.5
Virginia Beach, Virginia1841148.6
Warren, Michigan1815181.7
Washington, DC1546745.6
West Palm Beach, Florida194558.4
Wilmington, Delaware59310.5

The numbers here are aggregate measures comprised of data from numerous institutions. While every attempt is made to deliver accurate data, the information on this website is provided as-is. No warranty or guarantee of accuracy is offered or implied. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.